Anxiety sufferers find relief with phone counseling

Anxiety disorders are among the largest growing demographics of therapy seekers in the United States. What is often overlooked is the difficulty anxiety sufferers face in seeking out, beginning, and sticking with treatment.

Anxiety can be so crippling that the commitment of getting to a therapist’s office for a regular weekly counseling session can be so daunting as to dissuade severe anxiety sufferers from undertaking the trip. But now, more and more therapists are embracing telephone appointments for counseling of severe anxiety cases.

“It would have been a three-hour weekly time commitment to get to her office, so I was so glad when she said I could call her from home! I started using one of my lunch breaks at work each week, and I would find a safe place to park my car, and just call her on speakerphone and we would talk. I kept a notebook in my center console so I could take notes about her suggestions of things I should try to work on, and then the next week we would talk about my success as I took baby steps out of my crippling anxiety. Now, I’m so much more brave, so much more sure of myself, and it’s because I sat in my car on the phone with Carla just talking every week.” – Julie S. referring to her counseling sessions with Carla Black MFT

Modern technology allows severe anxiety sufferers more options than ever before in getting the counseling that they need. Thanks to improved smart phone technology and methods like FaceTime, therapist and client can talk privately from any distance making regular sessions easier to fit into the hectic schedule of everyday life. Regular counseling sessions lead to results where sporadic sessions or dropping out of therapy most often does not.

If you feel like you’re ready to begin making changes, call to begin regular phone counseling with a free 15-minute get-to-know-you time. You can set the schedule to fit your life so it’s convenient to your needs, talk privately by phone and begin to take those small steps that will create long-lasting change over time.

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