Women and Relationships

Why do women give themselves up in relationships?  I think that almost every woman I have seen in therapy has lost multiple IQ points when she’s in a relationship.  Why is that?  Why do so many women get desperate when they’re involved with someone? 

Recognizing Bipolar Disorder

Do you know individuals who are incredibly engaging and inventive, but also tend to be irritable?  They might have extreme mood swings, but then again, the moods might be subtler. These men and women possibly could have bipolar disorder. 

Gender Issues in Relationships

The genders are very confused in our modern time.  When I was younger, our roles were clearly delineated. After the feminist movement, men seemed to become very perplexed with regard to their roles. Do they open doors for women? Can they compliment women or are they setting themselves up for a sexual harassment case? There […]

How to Stop Being a Victim

How many times have we heard our friends complain about how badly they have been treated by their boyfriends? Ladies frequently relate to other people by complaining to each other.  We all are familiar with the phrase, “misery loves company.”  So, we whine and complain and our female friends bitch and complain and we feel […]

The Stigma That Comes from Being an Introvert

By Carla Back, MFT Being an introvert,  I spend a great deal of time in my mind, analyzing, dissecting and turning things over.  I don’t require a lot of external stimulation, there is plenty going on right where I am. I am fine there. Some people don’t like to stay in that place, so they […]

Death and Grief

While driving down the street the other day, I passed a building where my deceased cousin had worked. Even though he has been dead for several years, my grief returned, as though he had just died.  Grief is a strange phenomenon.  You never know what might take you back to that dark place.

Key Ingredients of Successful Relationships

Studying committed relationships has been an interest of mine long before I became a relationship counselor.  Most of us never had good role models with regard to what makes a relationship work.  We’re all familiar with what doesn’t work, but we are still puzzled as to what is required to have a sustained, loving relationship.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Even though the Term Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) has only been used for about twenty years, the concept of it has been around for over one hundred years.  During World War I, it was called Shell Shock, and at the time of World War II, it was referred to as Combat Fatigue.  The Vietnam […]