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Carla Black Named One of L.A.’s Top 10 Therapists

Volume 16 Issue 2 of The Caster News had an article entitled  “L.A’s Top Ten Therapists”.   Carla Black MFT is featured in that article as “The Therapist Who Has Your Back”. A quote from the article says: Enter Carla Black, MFT, MA, ATR, a stunning and compassionate psychotherapist whose passion for what she does is only equaled […]

Persecution and Ambush on Therapists who provide ESA Letters to Patients

After a tough year dealing with false reports from the media about the therapy services she provides , Carla Black MFT sat down to write this very difficult response to the negative attention she and her mental health clients have faced.  Carla Black MFT assesses mental health patients to determine whether they may benefit from an […]

Fraudulent Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Registries – what you need to know

More individuals are gaining access to the mental health care they need thanks to dramatically increased access to health insurance that covers mental health care in the US. With that increase, we’ve seen a corresponding increase in individual’s utilization of Emotional Support Animals to provide companionship at home while they pursue counseling and therapy to […]

San Francisco State cancels issuing of ESA Letters from Student Health Services

A new policy began this semester (Spring 2017) at San Francisco State that prevents Student Health Services therapists and doctors from writing letters of support for students in need of emotional support animals. Doctors are still allowed to prescribe psychotropic medication, just not animals. The new policy will refer students to off-campus health care when […]