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  Emotional Support Animals & Covid-19   The world can be a stressful place and the worries of everyday life can be overwhelming. In unusual times like these, those worries are only amplified. To cope with these feelings, people often turn to pets as a source of comfort. But an Emotional Support Animal, or an […]

Carla Black Named One of L.A.’s Top 10 Therapists

Volume 16 Issue 2 of The Caster News had an article entitled  “L.A’s Top Ten Therapists”.   Carla Black MFT is featured in that article as “The Therapist Who Has Your Back”. A quote from the article says: Enter Carla Black, MFT, MA, ATR, a stunning and compassionate psychotherapist whose passion for what she does is only equaled […]

You Don’t Have To Leave Your Pet Home For The Holidays

On multiple occasions, I have heard people declare that their animal is their soul mate.  This might seem really strange to a lot of people, however, there are many people who do not get their needs met by other humans.   As I psychotherapist, I have treated many people who have been so hurt by […]

Gun Control and Sandy Hook Elementary School

For years we have been debating the pros and cons of gun control.  However, it wasn’t until the horror of imagining what those poor, innocent children’s last terrifying moments were like, have we taken it this seriously. Child and Family Therapy This is an extremely complicated issue and there are no easy answers.  Do we […]