Domestic Violence And The Jodi Arias Murder Trial

I have spoken to many women who have been riveted to the Jodi Arias trial.  Not since the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, have so many people opened their eyes to domestic violence.

In this case, however, the person who was brutally murdered was a man.  It is extremely unusual for a woman to use a knife as a murder weapon, let alone stab him 27 times.  So, what was it that drove her to this kind of violence?  Was she indeed a victim of domestic violence?  Or was she some kind of psychopath who acted out of a jealous rage because her boyfriend was taking another woman to


It is almost considered to be the ultimate sin to speak disparagingly about a murder victim, however, is it possible that both Travis Alexander and Jodi Arias both had a part in what ultimately happened?  It appears that neither one had a history of any abusive relationships prior to their relationship with one another.  And yet, when these two came together, all hell broke loose.  By all accounts, Arias was completely obsessed with Alexander.  However, after hearing recorded messages, emails and instant messages, it didn’t seem like Alexander discouraged her.  In addition, he went on a multiple page rant in an email or instant message that was extremely abusive, but this was never highlighted much in the court case, except by the domestic violence expert and the defense team.  Of course, I don’t expect the prosecutor to give it any credence, but when the panels of attorneys on the HLN Network talk about the case it is completely ignored.


It seems like we only want to focus on all good or all bad behavior.  Arias was a heinous Jezebel who completely corrupted the innocent Alexander.  Personally, I don’t think it’s that simplistic.  I believe that they had a version of a folie à deux going on, which lead them both to behave in a way they never have before.

Arias’ case was not helped by her bizarre behavior when she was taken in for questioning.  Nor was it helped by all the lies that she did tell.  But there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of violence, with the exception of acting out against her mother as a teen, in her past.  So what could have driven her to commit such an abhorrent crime?  I’m guessing we’ll really never know.  However, one thing I do know, is that it can’t be as black and white as how it is portrayed in the media.