Emotional Support Animals ease Flying for Anxiety Sufferers

Have you ever traveled on a plane and wished you had your living, supportive therapy tool with you for support? I have spoken to countless people who feel so much more comforted having their ESA with them.

I recently spoke to a woman who had a dying relative and was anxious and depressed because she had to travel alone to see her aunt. I was able to provide her with a letter of prescription in order for her to have her dog travel in the main cabin with her. Not only was the dog a great means of support for my client, but the dog brought some cheer and comfort into the dying woman’s life.

For some people, it’s anxiety producing to fly. An emotional support animal (ESA) makes one’s journey so much less stressful.

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Some people are not accepted into apartments or condominium complexes because they have pets. This can cause tremendous anxiety for a person who is suffering from mental illness AND the life crisis of being unable to find housing. I helped provide one man with a letter of prescription: He had bought a condominium before the complex’s no pets rule. He was panic stricken when he contacted me. He certainly didn’t want to get rid of his beloved ESA, and had just purchased his condo. I was so very happy to have helped him solve his problem. The last thing a person with an anxiety disorder needs is to feel more anxious. Now he can have his cat and his condo.

There are people who have Agoraphobia and have great difficulty even walking to the sidewalk from their home. An emotional support animal (ESA) can give them the confidence to negotiate what otherwise might be a very scary world. People such as these might be living in a complex that doesn’t allow pets. Imagine how frightening it must be for them to venture out into their neighborhood. ESAs have provided a sense of stability and security that they wouldn’t otherwise have. They are able to be much higher functioning individuals because of the safety and companionship that their emotional support animals provide.

I love being able to provide people with Letters of Prescription for ESAs. I have talked to so many individuals who were so grateful to be able to have their ESAs with them, in order to feel a sense of calmness or safety. Don’t suffer in silence. If you are like any of the people I have described, get a letter of prescription for an emotional support animal to be your therapy tool as you pursue ongoing therapy. I can help provide you with that. Call me at 310-578-6822.

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