Gender Issues in Relationships

The genders are very confused in our modern time.  When I was younger, our roles were clearly delineated. After the feminist movement, men seemed to become very perplexed with regard to their roles. Do they open doors for women? Can they compliment women or are they setting themselves up for a sexual harassment case?

There is so much emphasis on political correctness that individuals are now afraid to be spontaneous. Then toss in modern technology with texting, tweeting, etc. and individuals are hiding behind screens fearful of making the wrong moves.  As a result, women have gotten a lot more aggressive and men don’t have to worry about making any advances.  The women are then surprised or confused because they have to do a lot of the work.

In addition, there are many mixed opinions regarding what constitutes online cheating. If you never meet an individual, but still have some form of sexual relationship with them, is that considered cheating?

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In our modern times, it is increasingly common for men to become house husbands, and women to be the breadwinners. In many instances, men are the nurturers. This is a far cry from how things were just forty years ago.

So are we happy with how things have changed or are we just more confused? Women have complained for decades that men are emotionally closed off and don’t share their feelings. However, now that they have become more feminized, women don’t like that either. They want strong, take charge, manly men. So what are the answers?

As women, are we so used to thinking we can have it all, that we want it all from one person?

Things have really become very difficult for the genders. For some, it all feels like too much trouble. These are not easy times in which to form lasting relationships.

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Here are a few guidelines to follow when interacting with not only potential suitors, but anyone in general:

  • Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by texting. The person you are with always deserves your complete attention.
  • I personally believe that whoever enters a door first should hold it open for the person behind them, regardless of gender.
  • There should be equality with regards to who asks whom out on a date. If a woman suggests going out for drinks or dinner, then she should be prepared to pay.
  • Be authentic! There is nothing worse than being fake in order to get someone to like you.
  • Be positive and affable. However, if that’s not who you really are, perhaps you should look at why before you consider dating.
  • Don’t drink too much; that will make the other individual responsible for your safety.

If you are seeking out a long-term relationship, definitely be aware of the fact that no one has all of the characteristics that you are looking for. Nurturing men are most likely not great breadwinners. So it’s genuinely important to get your priorities in order.

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If you want to be with a man who makes good money, know that you will probably have to get your nurturing from yourself, or through the support of your family and friends. Additionally, if you want a man who talks about his feelings, he is more likely to be a nurturer and not as interested in his career as he would be in his family.

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