Gun Control and Sandy Hook Elementary School

For years we have been debating the pros and cons of gun control.  However, it wasn’t until the horror of imagining what those poor, innocent children’s last terrifying moments were like, have we taken it this seriously.

Child and Family Therapy

This is an extremely complicated issue and there are no easy answers.  Do we have armed guards at every school?  Do we arm teachers?  Do we ban guns?  None of these solutions seem easy to enforce.  Even if we arm teachers, how easy would it be for them to get to their guns in time to protect children, unless they carry them at all times?  Even then, when faced with a person with a premeditated mission, such as Adam Lanza, how likely is a teacher to shoot him first?  The same is possibly true for an armed guard.

I’m guessing that banning guns would be similar to banning drugs.  One only has to look at Operation Fast and Furious/Project Gunrunner to know how well that could go.

So, what can we do?  I know it has been said before, but we need to be more vigilant about guns getting into the hands of people who are seriously mentally ill.  I’m sorry to speak disparagingly about Adam Lanza’s dead mother, but what the heck was she thinking when she promoted his interest in guns by taking him to target practice?  At the very least, gun cabinets should be locked and guns should have locking mechanisms

Additionally, the gratuitous violence in our country is absolutely inexcusable.  Games for the youngest of children are fraught with violence.  Parents need to be more responsible with regard to sheltering their young children from violent television shows and films, as well as computer game

I had a nine-year-old boy who was referred to me because he had threatened to kill some teachers.  He seemed to be pretty innocent and not the angry boy I expected to meet.  I discussed with him what it meant to die.  He literally had no idea.  I’m thinking because so many actors appear to be resurrected on TV, films, and video games, that he possibly didn’t know the finality of death.  Because death is treated in such a cavalier manner, it is possible to see that through the eyes of a child it appears not to be a big deal.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

So, what are the answers, especially where are children are concerned?  We need to protect them from as much violence as possible, which is no easy task, in a culture that glorifies violence.  We need to have a zero tolerance for bullying, which causes people with little ego strength to snap.  We need to keep an eye on the outliers of society, who have a potential to be dangerous.  And people with guns absolutely need to be more responsible about them getting into the wrong hands.  I know this won’t solve everything.  Unfortunately, guns have a way of getting into the wrong hands, but at least we can be responsible and do our part.