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Have you ever felt like this is not how you
thought your life would be?

Whatever your current situation; ongoing unhappiness and stress can affect all areas of your life including work, parenting, friendships, family, and can even affect your health.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Imagine what it would be like to actually have support as you create the life you always wanted.

As the leading Psychotherapist specializing in the personal consultation of ESA patients, Carla Black MFT has been quoted by the NY Times.   She has been frequently referenced as a strong supporter for ESA assisted therapy for those who genuinely need a support animal to cope with psychological trauma. This includes, but is not limited to PTSD veterans needing a companion to feel safe, to rape and abuse survivors who need the support and love of an animal’s unquestioning devotion.

As a strong advocate for the physical and mental benefits of Emotional Support Animal ownership; Carla has constantly worked to ensure that people with a genuine need get the prescription they need to keep their support animal with them throughout life in housing and travel situations. Whether in instances of travel, finding affordable safe housing, or other situations where a support animal is genuinely called for; hundreds of ESA pets and their owners are bonded safely in trust and progressive psychotherapy thanks to Carla Black MFT.

Discover how psychotherapy combined with the constant support of an ESA can help you create the life you desire.

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Carla Black MFT Counseling Services:

  • Emotional Support Animal Services –Carla Black, MFT is California’s leading authority on ESA services for individuals with the legitimate need to own and keep a support animal, and has been quoted on the growing need for ESAs in the New York Times.
  • Psychotherapy — traditional “talk therapy”– for individuals.
  • Couples therapy“I help couples communicate more effectively, have more satisfying and healthy relationships, and rebuild intimacy and closeness.”
  • Art therapy — Art therapy can bypass the conscious mind, allow core issues to surface more quickly, and speed emotional discovery and healing “I am a credentialed Art Therapist”
  • Telephone Sessions — available for clients who live outside of the Los Angeles area, who travel frequently, or who find it inconvenient to travel to the counseling office in Sherman Oaks,CA. Ask about the substantial discounts available for pre-paid sessions via phone.

“I believe in gearing the therapy to fit the client. So in our first session, I will ask you what you hope to get out of our sessions, and together we will set up a treatment plan that fits your goals, needs, values and budget. In a safe, non-judgmental environment, I can help you sort through your options and identify possible solutions you may not have considered.”

You don’t need to keep struggling with your problems alone.

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