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What is an Emotional Support Animal (ESA)? It is a well trained dog, or other common domestic animal that provides therapeutic benefits to its owner through companionship and affection. This animal acts as a secure base for their owner whose illness limits one or more major life activities.

Only licensed mental health professionals and physicians are qualified to provide genuine and authentic ESA prescription letters so BEWARE of automated online services that claim to provide “real” ESA Letters of Prescription.  Also, know that vests, ID cards, etc. are unnecessary and bogus products, and in no way certify your pet to be an ESA.

With a multitude of ESA Letters in the course of her career as a therapist, Carla Black MFT is America’s leading authority on ESA letters for pet owners with the legitimate need to own and keep a support animal, and has been quoted on the growing need for ESAs in the New York Times.

Emotional Support Animals differ from registered service animals because they only require the same amount of training as a well-trained pet. In addition, the ESA has to be able to live peacefully with people without being a danger or nuisance. They are not to be confused with psychiatric service animals that require special training to perform specific tasks that help a person mitigate the effects of a handicap, such as with a seeing-eye dog.

Emotional support animals have been proven extremely effective at helping to relieve the symptoms of the following disabilities:

    • Depression
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder
    • Anxiety
    • Social phobias (including, but not limited to, fear of flying)
    • Panic Disorders
    • Agoraphobia
    • Mood Disorders

An ESA works BEST when COMBINED with ongoing psychiatric counseling to address the root issue

A pet can provide loyal devotion and affection around the clock to people struggling with a variety of issues. But combine that support pet with regular counseling to address the underlying issues, and real transformative change can happen!

Carla Black MFT featured in the NY Times

Carla’s expertise in Emotional Support Animal Prescriptions was recently called upon for a NY Times article on the subject.

In addition to the ESA prescription letter, which is good for one year, you will receive:

  • A one-hour counseling consultation to discuss and verify your personal need for an ESA letter of prescription; via Skype video chat or telephone; a value of $150.
  • A clinical assessment consisting of administering and evaluating real evaluative tests to assess your real need for an ESA, and help you plan a course for ongoing psychiatric counseling to address and correct the root causes of your unease.

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Even though a person may have an ESA prescription letter, this in no way guarantees that you will qualify as disabled as laws pertain to physical or mental handicap.

Carla Black MFT cannot guarantee that a property manager or airline company will not violate the law by discriminating against you, despite possessing a valid letter of prescription.

Note that the free 15 minute consultation applies only to ongoing therapy clients and does not apply to those seeking a one-time service, and do not arrange ongoing counseling to address their core issues.

Please do not contact this office if you are seeking an ESA Letter just to avoid paying fees associated with your pets; or to receive unwarranted special treatment.  This service is ethically bound to help people with genuine psychiatric issues.