Are You Looking for Safe and Respectful Group Therapy in the Los Angeles area?

Group therapy can be a unique experience providing gentle feedback in ways individual therapy cannot. This is because the group is a microcosm of how you are in the world. A therapist can see both subtle and obvious ways in which clients interact or relate to others. This is not possible in the case of individual therapy, where the therapist can only go on the client’s word, thereby never seeing the other side of a situation, or the way the client interacts with others.

Additionally, the group can provide a corrective experience by reliving the clients’ roles in their families of origin. Also, group therapy provides a safe and respectful environment for exploration and feedback.

Group therapy can be for general support. Or, groups can be for the following:

  • Illness
  • Grief or Loss
  • Substance Abuse (and other twelve step issues)
  • Survivors of Sexual Abuse (or other crimes)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Chronically Mentally Ill
  • Married Couples
  • A Multitude of Other Issues

Experience the Benefits of Group Therapy with Carla Black…

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