Determining a Therapeutic Approach: Psychodynamic or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques…

I think it’s vitally important for a therapist to fully support someone in their therapeutic journey. Sometimes just sitting quietly and being there for and with the client is enough. Other times, constructive feedback is the best option for a client.

I cannot stress enough the importance of a therapist to take their cues from their clients. A person who doesn’t have a lot of ego strength could be devastated by any feedback that’s less than positive. Timing is absolutely crucial in the Therapy Session.

What I look for with regard to treating individuals:

Is the client a good candidate for psychodynamic therapy techniques?

  • Does he want to explore his past and identify possible reasons for his behavior?
  • Is he willing to do whatever it takes to alleviate the pain that he might be feeling?

Is the client a better candidate for cognitive behavioral therapy techniques?

  • Does a client just want a few good tools to help manage her life?
  • If there’s any history of psychosis, using cognitive therapy techniques is definitely a better way to go. A client with psychosis doesn’t want to go digging around in her past; she just wants to be able to function and feel safe.

Carla Black Uses an Individualized Approach to Therapy…

I absolutely do not condone what I call cookie cutter therapy. This kind of therapy is when a therapist believes in a particular paradigm and uses it on everyone. It doesn’t feel good not to be respected for who you are, and to be put into a niche, even though it might not apply.

Just know that if you are my client, I will do everything in my power to honor and respect your process. Whether we use psychodynamic or cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, we will work together to determine what is best for you.

I’d love to get to know you. If you think you would like to get to know me, I can offer you a free 15 minute phone consultation.My number is: 818-907-7732.