Couples Counselling with Carla Black Can Help You Find a Satisfying Relationship…

I don’t just use verbal therapy for couples. Art therapy can be an incredible tool in couple counselling for many reasons.

Using Art Therapy in Couples Counselling can:

  • provide clients with concrete examples of their issues.
  • utilize a wonderful diagnostic tool with regard to the status of the relationship.
  • externalize issues which often makes them easier to discuss.

How Does Couple Counselling Work?

It is extremely important for me to help both people in the relationship feel safe. This is demonstrated by the following:

  • A no secrets policy is instituted.
  • I do not take sides.
  • Bullying or yelling at one another is not tolerated.

When I started couple counselling, it was heartbreaking to see how many people were in unsatisfying relationships. I have made it my life’s work to help people have the best relationships possible.

Life is too short to spend it being unhappy. I would really like to help. Please call me at 818-907-7732 and let’s talk about your situation.