Recognizing Bipolar Disorder

Do you know individuals who are incredibly engaging and inventive, but also tend to be irritable?  They might have extreme mood swings, but then again, the moods might be subtler. These men and women possibly could have bipolar disorder. 

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Sometimes their moods are incredibly elevated and they seem to be really manic. They possibly talk very fast and you can barely get a word in edgewise. Individuals with Bipolar Disorder can also go to really dark and depressing places. If you know any individual like this, be very mindful of the fact that this might be a time when they could be entertaining thoughts of suicide.

There is a higher incidence of men and women with Bipolar Disorder committing suicide than any other mental disorder.

When a man or woman with Bipolar Disorder is in a manic state, they can embark on huge shopping sprees, without any notice as to how they will pay for their acquisitions.  They tend to be sexually promiscuous, and over-indulge in anything that will elevate their mood, such as alcohol and/or drugs.

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In severe cases, a man or woman with Bipolar Disorder can have delusions or hallucinations. Many men and women who have Bipolar Disorder are misdiagnosed as having Schizophrenia because of the psychotic symptoms that they exhibit.

Many young children who are diagnosed with ADHD might actually have Bipolar Disorder. It is much more challenging to diagnose a little one with Bipolar Disorder than an adult, as they are unable to communicate in ways that grown-ups do. Therefore, their habits look a lot like ADHD.

Mood stabilizers and therapy have been effective in treating patients. However, when their moods become steady, they tend to miss the highs that come along with mania, and often begin skipping or stopping their treatment. This is a situation where therapists should be especially vigilant, because they could quickly and suddenly fall into a heavy depression and attempt or commit suicide.

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