San Francisco State cancels issuing of ESA Letters from Student Health Services

A new policy began this semester (Spring 2017) at San Francisco State that prevents Student Health Services therapists and doctors from writing letters of support for students in need of emotional support animals. Doctors are still allowed to prescribe psychotropic medication, just not animals.Don't fall for ESA web scams - get your ESA letter from the leading expert in ESA based counseling!

The new policy will refer students to off-campus health care when an emotional support animal would be beneficial to their emotional care.

READ the full article about SF State’s decision and how it will impact students HERE

As various authorities that provide health services, such as SF State, make it harder and harder for people to get the ESA services they truly need, NOW is the time to connect with an independent licensed therapist specializing in ESA services with ongoing therapy and counseling. Remember, ESA’s are covered by the Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act.

An ESA is your constant at-home support as you work through counseling to improve your mental health. Having access to your ESA, rather than finding roadblocks keeping you and your ESA apart, that’s what Carla Black MFT is all about.

Carla Black MFT is the US ESA expert recognized by the NY Times for her authority on ESA based counseling services. Call 818-907-7732 Today or SCHEDULE your appointment online instantly!

*Online scams have increased recently, so don’t be fooled by ads claiming you can take a quick online quiz and get a real ESA Letter “instantly”. It is necessary to be assessed by a licensed therapist following regulations and guidelines on psychiatric care. Call a licensed therapist to be assessed for an ESA – not a gimmicky instant online quiz scam!

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