I can’t say enough about Carla Black and the help that she has given to my husband and me over the years. She is kind, understanding and really gets to the bottom of the issues. I am very grateful for the work we did together through couples therapy. My family relationships have improved dramatically – Carla has shown me the way to a great life and great relationships. I can’t thank her enough.
Ann J., Los Angeles


Carla Black has a unique sense of relating to each situation and shedding the light of more than one perspective to further help the client achieve control of their dilemma. Her unique sense of warmth and compassion offers a safe and neutral ground to seek advice and validation.
A. W., Los Angeles

Carla Black is a true “wise woman” in the very best sense of those words. I was, I hate to say it, but it’s true, a MESS when I first came to see Carla. I especially loved art therapy. I always thought my problem was that I chose “bad men.” But I found out my subconscious had different and really “interesting” ideas on the subject such as “all men leave me.” And yes they did. That insight and knowledge was the first step in which Carla helped facilitate achieving the beautiful life I have today.
DDR, Marina Del Rey

I was reluctant to enter couples therapy with my wife. I had heard horror stores from men who felt the therapist always took the woman’s side. This was definitely not the case with Carla Black. I felt she never took sides. She was clearly on both our sides. My wife and I were able to resolve issues that we had been arguing about for eleven years. I can truly say that today, thanks to therapy, we communicate better than I ever thought possible. We really have a strong, happy marriage. If you don’t and want to make yours better, I suggest you might think about calling Carla Black.
J. G., Playa Del Rey

I’m a single guy in my early 30’s. I first saw Carla Black when my then girlfriend dragged me in, much against my will. It was kind of the old cliche, she wanted a ring; I wasn’t so sure. What I was sure of was that the therapist was going to agree with my girlfriend that I should just suck it up and commit. Boy was I surprised when I found that Carla wasn’t interested In conventional wisdom; she was interested in the wisdom that would empower the individual.
P.S. My girlfriend and I weren’t right for each other which I was able to come to grips with in therapy. With Carla’s help, we were able to separate without a whole lot of drama and trauma. Three years later I’m now happily married to my soul mate. She and I go together to Carla for “tune-ups” and especially for help in decision making. Like when or if to have a baby. With Carla’s sage advice and counseling, we’re now happily expecting our first.
K. Z., Marina Del Rey

I’m first generation Chinese American and my husband was born in Guadalajara. When we were having marital problems I felt that only a Chinese therapist would understand my cultural concerns; my husband felt he wanted a Latino therapist to get the nuances of his behavior. We went to Carla Black as a compromise. Boy, did we get lucky. She was warm, non judgmental and she “got” us both. She helped us to clear up some problems, that I truthfully felt might be impossible to resolve. My husband and I just celebrated our fifth anniversary. I don’t think we’d be here today without Carla. Thank you.
Sandra R., Venice

I brought my ten year old daughter to Carla Black because she was dealing poorly with her father’s and my divorce. I had previously taken her to a child psychologist but my shy daughter didn’t like talking to him so the sessions were a waste. Carla has (I know this sounds “Woo Woo” but it’s true) such nice energy that my daughter instantly felt comfortable with her. Carla is also amazingly intuitive. She sensed immediately that she could get through to her with art therapy. It didn’t take all that many sessions before my daughter was feeling a whole lot better. I really think that Carla is a miracle worker.
Candice L., Beverly Hills, CA