You Don’t Have To Leave Your Pet Home For The Holidays

On multiple occasions, I have heard people declare that their animal is their soul mate.  This might seem really strange to a lot of people, however, there are many people who do not get their needs met by other humans.


As I psychotherapist, I have treated many people who have been so hurt by others that they can only trust four-legged creatures.  For these people, a dog or cat is worth everything to them.  This is especially true for people who are depressed and live alone. I also have seen clients who have suffered from illnesses or trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or anxiety who are extremely comforted by their pets.  I have even been told that if not for their pets, they felt like they couldn’t even go on.  It is for these reasons that I have vowed to help people get their dogs into housing that normally does not accommodate animals.  I also provide prescriptions to people  who want to have their animal accompany them on flights.


Get a prescription for your emotional support animal

Recently, I spoke to a boy’s mother whose son does a lot of traveling because his mother and father live in different states.  It gives his life more of a sense of continuity to take his dog with him.  In this case, the dog serves as a transitional object when he has to leave one parent to go to the other parent’s home.   He  got so depressed when he left his animals that I gave him a prescription letter for an emotional support animal (ESA).  Now when he travels, he can have the comfort that his dog provides.


When it comes to housing, who wants to give up an animal that they own in order to move?  I provided a man with a prescription for an ESA who had purchased a condo.  After he bought the condo, he found out that the condo association had changed their rules and didn’t allow pets.  I cannot imagine what a predicament he would have been in had he not been able to obtain a prescription for an ESA.


Animals are often linked to positive health and emotional effects such as reduced blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides, elevated mental well-being, reduced stress levels, increased activity, more time spent outdoors, and more opportunities for socialization.  Research has shown that prognoses have been known to change when one gets a companion animal.

Individual Therapy

Studies have also  shown that anxiety-producing events can be mitigated more easily by a pet’s presence than a significant other’s presence.  In addition, the subjects’ recovery times were quicker with the presence of a pet.

In another study, stockbrokers had their blood pressure and heart rates taken before and after obtaining pets.  The study showed that both the heart rates and blood pressure significantly improved after having gotten a pet.  Interestingly enough, the pets weren’t even in the room when the tests were performed.  Just the presence of a pet in their lives was enough to improve their health.

So, if you suffer from any of the above  problems, I highly recommend getting a prescription for an emotional support animal. Call me at 818-907-7732.

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